We know you’ve got your hands full with handling listings and showings, negotiating contracts, and looking for new business opportunities every single day. With prices rising and both homeowners and homebuyers growing progressively more worried about it, 2023 will be intense! It may seem like learning about marketing on top of everything else is too much—but it’s crucial if you want to drive leads. And we’re here to help!

Let’s take a look at the most effective marketing trends for real estate in 2023 that will pay off in new clients and deals.

#1 Create Short Videos

People these days don’t ever close the Youtube tab. And if they do, it’s only to watch some Instagram reels or a dozen silly TikToks. So if you have to choose just one real estate marketing strategy to invest your resources into, let it be video content. 

The most obvious choice of video content is short property presentations, but don’t limit yourself to them. Here’s what you can create:

  • Tips for homeowners
  • Tips for homebuyers
  • Neighborhood highlights
  • Personal greetings (for introducing yourself to new people)
  • Bits of your daily life to let your clients feel like they know you

Video content is even more important if you use Instagram as your primary platform. Reels are loved by people and algorithms alike, so they should be the focus of your real estate marketing efforts.

#2 Shine on Social Media

As mentioned above, Instagram can be a great platform for reaching out to your audience and getting organic and paid traffic. 

According to recent research, the majority of active Instagram users consist of people aged between 25 and 34 years (31%), with users between 34 and 44 taking up another 15%. Younger people might not be ready to buy property yet, but they are looking for options to rent. And with Instagram offering paid ads, it’s a great real estate promotion tool and a one of the most effective real estate marketing ideas.

#3 Grow Your Community with a Newsletter

A monthly or weekly real estate newsletter lets you stay in touch with your past clientele and promote yourself as an expert to your new subscribers. The content of the newsletter may range from the latest listings to neighborhood tours, recommendations of places to eat, event reviews, interviews with prominent community members, and tips for interior design. 

Guides like this can establish you as not just a real estate agent, but a friend—and make your name spring to mind when thinking about a particular place to live. 

Get extra points for making your newsletter stand out from the crowd with some interactivity. Here’s what it may look like: 


#4 Get Referrals

Word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing tool for getting new clients. According to new research by the National Association of Realtors, 36% of sellers found their real estate agent through a referral by someone they trust. In other words, getting a referral is an evergreen real estate marketing trend you should continue with in 2023.

It’s always nice when people recommend you to their friends just because they can’t help but share how great you are. But it doesn’t hurt to help them keep you on top of their mind so that when the opportunity is there, they can easily remember your name.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep in touch. We’ve already discussed newsletters and videos—keep doing that. On top of helping you grow the subscriber base, regular content also lets you build relationships with your past clients.
  • Offer educational workshops/webinars. Nothing works better than an actual live connection, even online. Get people to know you, and teach them something new—the next time their loved ones need to buy or sell, they’ll think of you.
  • Choose the right moment to ask for a referral. It’s only natural to ask for a recommendation after the deal is closed, but don’t limit yourself to it. Have you finally found the home your buyer was dreaming of? Did your seller get the best price for their property? People are bursting with excitement at times like this, they’ll want to share their luck and—if you gently nudge them—your contacts with the world.

#5 Partner up with Local Businesses

Are there any designer furniture showrooms or interior design firms? See if you can partner up with them to ‘cross-pollinate’ your client bases.  For instance, you could create an interior design brief together. The easiest way is to exchange business cards and flyers, but if you really hit it off, why not run an online event together, exchange guest posts, or promote each other through an email campaign?

Another way to put your name out there is to sponsor some local events. See if there are any school, sport, or charity initiatives you can participate in—in exchange for a mention of your brand. 

#6 Build Your Network

Joining a professional community on social media carries plenty of benefits. In addition to a chance to discuss common issues, get new perspectives, and stay on the edge of the latest changes in the industry, you get to make yourself known to people outside your local area. Plus, you’ll keep getting new marketing ideas for realtors delivered right into your social media feed.

Be active, and present yourself as the expert you are, and when your colleagues get a client moving into your neighborhood, they might refer them to you!

There are many professional real estate groups on Facebook and LinkedIn you can join. But if you want to stand out and have some serious insights to share, it’s a good idea to start your own community. Facebook is perfect for initiating discussions and answering people’s questions, while LinkedIn is a great place to post more extensive articles and spread knowledge.

#7 Invest in Your Website’s SEO

Having a professional real estate website is a must for building your brand and connecting with new clients. People will trust you more if they can research you properly—and a neat website with the latest listings, some About info, client testimonials, and blog articles will be of great help.

However, no matter how valuable your content is, it’s no use if it’s stuck on page 8 of Google search results. So what can you do to make it rank higher?

  • Use a lot of relevant keywords across your website and blog.
  • Check the website speed: the faster, the better obviously. If it’s too slow, opt for a more straightforward design—it doesn’t have to be fancy to make your website attractive.
  • Optimize for mobile devices. Google puts them first, as well as your potential clients probably do. 
  • Build your website authority by placing a lot of backlinks. You can do it by posting links to your articles on social media and websites, such as Reddit and Quora, where people ask questions. This will also help drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Update your website often. This will let Google know it stays relevant for your visitors.
  • Check your metatags: they should be descriptive and include keywords.
  • Use paid real estate promotions. Apart from attracting new leads, this will drive more traffic to your website. Provided people will stay on it for at least a few minutes, Google will consider this a positive metric.

#8 Get Google Screened

Google Screened is a free verification tool for professionals in Law, Financial Planning, Child Care, and Real Estate. It checks your license and gives you a special badge that tells people your business has been checked. Which in turn helps you build trust among new clients.

We hope these 8 marketing ideas will inspire you to ramp up your business in 2023 and get you a lot of new clients and closed deals. Good luck!

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